Grabbling is the act of catching catfish with your bare hands. It has many names, other than grabbling, such as hogging, noodling, and I have even heard it called frogging (don't know where that one came from.) But no matter what you call it, the idea is the same. You reach into the unknown and grab a catfish by the mouth and then hold on for dear life! Some say you have to be a little crazy to even try it. I will never forget my first grabbling trip with my dad, I was fifteen years old. I didn't actually catch one that day, but just watching I knew I wanted to try it for myself. At that time, I had no idea what that trip would turn into. I started researching how to grabble and what was involved and thru my reaserch I found that catfish like to hide in stumps, rock beds, brush piles, and anything that provides cover for them to spawn. During the late spring you can reach into these holes where they are spawning and catch these very large catfish. (With the use of your hands only, no pole needed!) I began grabbling in rocks in Enid lake located in Water Valley Ms. The one thing you will never forget, is getting bit for the first time! Once I had gotten bit and caught my first fish I was hooked. After the first season of nothing but checking all natural beds I found out how to catch bigger fish and that was by building boxes for the fish to spawn in. By building boxes and putting them in the lake for the fish to spawn in you can determine how big of a fish can use the box. The bigger the box, most of the time, means bigger fish. With that being said, I build my boxes 4 feet wide by 5 feet long, and at least 16 inches deep with no bottom. It is always smart to have a partner with you. Some of the fish you catch can be upwards of 80 lbs. My biggest fish to date is 67 lbs. With that being said we have started the first ever state wide grabbling tournament. The North MS Grabbling Tournament invites you to test your skills in our tournament.

Brion Whitten 662-809-5676 


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